PIXELMAN – Download and Install on Android

If you are feeling bored and not so cool then you should download some amazing and exciting game on your android smartphone that helps you kill the time while on the same time provides you with hours and hours of great excitement. You don’t have to play rehashed game sor clones of other games when you can enjoy something unique with amazing gameplay and hours of fun and enjoyment on your android smartphone. Download the PIXELMAN game on your android smartphone and you will never be bored again using your android device. This game will keep you hooked up for hours and hours and you will enjoy the amazing gameplay on your android smartphone. PIXELMAN offers old school pixelated graphics with a unique new gameplay that you have experienced in other game like Flappy Bird, etc. It’s  retro styled flyer game where you are the popular and powerful superhero known as PIXELMAN who wants to save the city from the evil Lord Von Pixel. Your job is to keep flying around the city and save everyone who is in trouble. the evil lord will try to stop you by shooting you and creating obstacles but you have to dodge everything and keep on flying to save the city.

PIXELMAN is a simple game where you have to keep running or flying and save every person that’s in danger while dodging the incoming attacks from the evil lord. Your job is to never crash never fall, and never fail. You have to save the city from the evil clutches of the lord pixel in this fast paced game.

Download and install PIXELMAN on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing PIXELMAN app on your Android smartphone from hereand start saving the innocent people of pixelville in this amazing superhero game.