Pizza Compass – download on Android

If you’re studying in the college then you need your daily pizza fix, however, if you’re in a completely new city or country then you will not be able to find the best pizza joint in the area easily. Fret not because all is not lost yet, there is still a way to get your daily pizza fix with the amazing Pizza Compass app for your android phone. You don’t have to sleep hungry anymore because this awesome app will always direct you to the nearest pizza place. No matter where you are not matter how badly you want to taste an amazing pizza this smart compass will take you directly to your destination without any fuss.

You can also find your local pizza stop with the Google Maps app or even Yelp review site but why would you want to work that hard when you can find the exact location of the best pizza place in your city without any extra work. All you need is this amazing android app and just the dedication to walk or drive to the restaurant. You can start munching on your favorite pizza flavor within just minutes of starting this amazing android app. When you start this awesome app it will find the closest 5 pizza places around you and then point you towards any one of them depending on where you actually want to eat. The compass in this app is also made as a pizza to curb your appetite a little. The user interface is simple and straightforward and there are no confusing menus. You get a giant pizza compass telling you exactly where you will find the nearest pizza joint without any distractions.

Download and install Pizza Compass on your Android phone

You can download this amazing Pizza Compass app on your android device from here. You will never worry about looking for pizza places because you will know each one of them already is.