Private Message Box – Download for free

Do you really get annoyed when other people take your Android phone and start going through your personal messages? Well everybody does and to keep prying eyes from reading your messages you should use the Private Message Box app for Android. This amazing app will hide all your personal messages for good so that nobody but you can look at these texts. You can freely give your Android phone to anyone without having to worry about them going through your personal messages ever again. All messages will be safely hidden in the Private Message Box android app.

With the Private Message Box app installed on your Android, you don’t have to worry about strangers getting in your messenger again. All your personal messages will be kept in a secure and password protected folder that only you can access by entering your password each time. This app will make sure that all your personal messages and the senders of the messages are secure and safely hidden from anyone who uses your phone. If you want to access the hidden box then you can enter your password and open the hidden vault to read all your messages. If you receive a new message then it will automatically be hidden and secured by the Private Message Box android app.

So if you are looking for a secure and stable way to hide your personal messages then the Private Message Box app for your Android phone is the perfect way of doing so. You can hide all your messages with just a single tap.

Download and install Private Message Box on Android for free

You can download the Private Message Box for free on Android from here. This is the best app to hide your personal texts from the eyes of sneaky little people who are always browsing through your personal stuff.