Respawnables – Download and Install on Android

Do you love all those first-person shooter games on your console and PC and miss all that shooting and fun? Then Zynga has a treat for you that’s really special and a bit cartoony. Respawnables, from its name, tells how fun it might be because each and every first-person shooter game is all about re-spawning and it makes a whole lot of difference between two games even if they are alike. The game, like all those console and PC games, is designed for shooting and killing. It has all those thrills and destruction packed into its small package.

Respawnables 1



  • The game has been developed and released by DIGITAL LEGENDS ENTERTAINMENT SL, who is constantly upgrading the game adding all new great features.
  • The game is a bit heavy and takes a bit of time to download and install; your device should have minimum Android 2.3 to run the game along with some good hardware specs.
  • The game is free to download and play. There are many in game purchases available ranging from $1 up to $100.

How to use Respawnables

  1. The game design is quite simple and easy to learn once you launch the game for the first time. All the menus are designed in such a way that you could navigate through them with ease and be in the game in no time.
  2. There are two modes for the game – single player mode that is offline mode and a multiplayer mode that is online. Both the modes are quite well-designed for you to get maximum joy.
  3. The single player mode is against the automated enemies that are quite easy to kill on the first few levels and as you move to the higher levels, they will surely give some challenge. The single player mode is made so that you could get some practice, skills, and upgrades unlocked.
  4. Once you have some experience plus great weapons, then you are ready to do some killing in the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is a team VS team type game, where you have the option to build your own team or join some random team and fight. Respawnables is controlled with a virtual on screen joystick that helps you to move in all directions quite easily, while touch is used for firing.


The Respawnables is a great first-person shooter game and surely one of its kind. It has set standards so high that no one matches them. The game has some good animation that one will notice is a bit cartoony more than realistic type. Overall, the game is awesome and has the greatest multiplayer experience.

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