Root Your HTC Sensation XL

HTC Sensation XL was high-end smart phone by HTC when launched in October 2011. It Belongs to the Family of HTCSensation series. As HTC has announced that after ICS initial updates there will be no more updates for this phone although this phone is capable to support latest versions of android and few custom ROMs due to its hardware. Therefore you can enjoy most of your HTCSensation XL by rooting it and installing few Custom ROMs manually.


Rooting HTC Sensation XL Comprise on two simple steps. Make sure you Follow provided guidelines precisely to Get you desired results.

1. Unlock bootloader by

2. Flash Recovery.

We are going to provide these two steps in detail.

Disclaimer: All Software Packages provided here are not my Own Developments so, I am Not Responsible if anything goes Wrong.

STEP 1: [Unlocking BootLoader Of your Phone]

Before beginning the process you need to do Few things.

  1. Make sure you have all the drivers of your phone installed in your PC. For more guidance on your driver click here.
  2. Enable USB DEBUGGING on your phone. To Read more about how to enable USB DEBUGGING click here.
  3. You will lose all your data on phone during this process make sure you backed up your data before we begin this process. To read more about backing up yourdata Click here.
  4. Make sure your phone is at-least 60 percent charged before you start this Process.


1. Register your account on

2. Download Desire_DNA_All_in_one_kit_v2.1.rarUnzip this file and launch this application from unzipped folder.

 root method

3. After launching this application Connect your phone to PC via USB Cable and Click on “Got Token ID” and then click “Go”.

4. A pop-up window will appear on your screen, wait till code completes its run. After run complete, right click on the popped-up window and select “Mark”.

5. Click on “identifier token start” . Wait till ” Identifier token end” tab appear. Click on this Tab. A code will appear, copy this code.

6. After you Got your Token ID, come back to main interference of All in one toolkit. Click on “Submit Token ID” and then click “Go”.

7. A new pop-up window will appear , scroll down to that window, and paste the code you copied in “my device identifier token”and click “submit”.

8. An E-mail will be sent to you, to your e-mail address which you have used to register with This e-mail will contain an attached fileDownload this file and then place it in “data” folder of extracted file in step 2.

9. Now click on “unlock bootloader” in main All in one toolkit interference, and click “Go”.In yourphone it will ask you to unlock bootloader select “yes” for this. Sit back and let the code completes its run, after that your phone will reboot.

STEP 2: [ Installing Recovery and Gaining RootAccess]

This Is a second Step of Rooting your HTC Sensation XL.

1. Connect Your phone to PC via USB CABLE.

2. Download  CWM RECOVERY.

3. Extract The downloaded files from the link above and go to the extracted files.

4. In the extracted folder find the file named as ” Start Here”, Double click On File to Launch Command Prompt.

5. Enter the Following Command in Command Prompt.

 adb reboot bootloader

Now wait for Phone to Reboot in Bootloader Mode.

6.Once the Phone is Rebooted in Bootloader mode, Enter the following Command.

 fastboot erase cache

After this Type the following command to install Recovery in your phone.

fastboot flash recovery recovery_for_1.28

and wait for installation to finish.

7.When installation will be finished type the following command in Command Prompt.

 fastboot reboot

And wait for phone to Reboot.

Now Your Phone have unlocked Bootloader and Recovery Package installed. Final Step is to Gain Root access.

  1. Download Root Package.
  2. Place The Downloaded Files in Internal Memory or SD card of your phone. Remember Do not put the downloaded Files in the Phone Memory.
  3. Reboot Your Phone in Recovery Mode to do this Just Power off your Phone And then Hold Volume up button, Now Press Power Button to switch On your Phone while Volume Up button is still Pressed . Your Phone will Land In recovery Mode.
  4. You will see number of options in recovery Mode, Select “Recovery” From Them.
  5. Once in Recovery, press the “Install” button and select “Super SU 0.87 or 0.88” file you had copied in your phone , and follow the on screen instructions.
  6. Once Installation is finished, tap “Reboot System”.

Your Phone is now completely Rooted.