Root Your QMOBILE Noir A10,A8,A5,A2,A500,A600 and A950 And Install Custom Recovery

Good news for Qmobiles Users in Pakistan and Middle-east who want to Root their phones and get most of it. We got our hands on Universal Exploit forQmobile which roots High-end and Mid-range Android Smart phones offered by Qmobile. The exploit is fairly simple to used and Developed by one of the Developers from xda.


The Root Process we are going to mention here is quite simple and after that we will guide you to install Custom Recovery in your smartphone. This will Enable to installcustom ROMs in your smartphone and Enjoy most of it.

We also have qmobile a900 & q mobile noir a2 classic, easy root & custom recoveryinstallation guide, check our related posts Root qmobile a900 & Root qmobile noir a2 classic.

Disclaimer: The software packages provided here are not our development , so , if anything Goes wrong we will not be held responsible.

You just need to Take care of few things while applying this method. Make sure you take following precautions.

  1. Make sure your phone is more than 60 percent charged.
  2. Make sure your phone’s drivers are completely installed in your PC, To find more help about this Read our post about driver click here.
  3. Make sure you have checked USB DEBUGGING box in developers settings to find more about developers options click here.


Few things you need to download first are

  1. Download and install Drivers for window before you begin the process. You can use official suite of QMobile to install drivers for your phone in your PC.
  2. Download Root package and extract it on desktop. Remember the name of folder in which you have extracted these files.


  1. Connect your phone to PC via USB Cable.
  2. Go to the folder where you have kept the extracted files on desktop and find a file with name of “RUN.BAT”. Double click it to run it.
  3. A cmd window will open asking you to enter a choice. You should enter “1” and then press Enter. Wait for the process to finish. After that your phone will Reboot Automatically.root-qmobile-a10-a5
  4. Enjoy your Rooted Qmobiles.


  1. Go to the Google playstore from your mobile. Search and install ” MTK Mobile Uncle Tools”.
  2. Download Custom Recovery for your mobile and extract the downloaded files inyour PC.
  3. Go to the extracted files where you will find a file named as “rec0very.img”. Connectyour to PC via USB CABLE and transfer this File in SD card of your Phone.
  4. Now go to App drawer of your phone and Run “MTK Mobile Uncle Tools” and select recovery update option.
  5. Select recovery.img” from your SD card and wait for the process to finish . After that your phone will have Root access with Custom Recovery Install.

If you face any problem in rooting Qmobile A8, Qmobile a950, Qmobile A600, QmobileA500, Qmobile A5, Qmobile A10 or Qmobile Noir A2 then Please comment in the box below we try our best to help.

  1. saim choudhry

    Now u can root ur qmobile a600 a20 a900 a700 a500. Without computer. I have a 1 trick.

  2. Naeem Bashir

    wht is the benefit to root, please tell me dear

  3. Naeem Bashir

    wht are the benefits to root ?

  4. Shabbar

    May i root my Qmobile A30

  5. shary

    buddy root tu ho gaya abb jellybean upgrade kesay karna hay ..a700 may or a600 may

  6. ĄrBãb Sualeh

    Im not getting recovery mode after doing this..

  7. ĄrBãb Sualeh

    Please please please begging please

  8. Hamza B.

    Root Means That You have the full control Over your Phone.
    You Can delete any Thing From the phone, including built in Crappy Apps that you don’t Use. But Be careful for what you do. Its always Safe to make a Backup before you try any thing.
    Hope It Helps 🙂

  9. Muhammad Ahmed

    it’s not working. please check the logs and kindly inform me ! thanks

  10. hashir

    i rooted installed cwm installed a rom works very well.. but now i try to get to recovery mode, the phone restarts and gets a system restore… Qmobile A10..Hashir

  11. Maaz

    unable to get into recovery

  12. Maaz

    reply plz

  13. Maaz

    recovery installed.. but can boot in recovery mode

  14. Maaz

    cant get into recover mode

  15. Maaz

    please reply yaar

  16. sherry

    Rooted my phone. Installed custom recovery. And now, Recovery mode is not working. Mr. What did u done ??

  17. sherry

    Same here bro. My recovery mode is also not working (: … If you have found something to solve that issue, than Text me on 03330468977.

  18. AamirPervaiz

    On which phone you are trying??

  19. sherry

    That recovery also didn’t work. My Dev is Q mobile Noir A600.

  20. Guest

    Aslamlikom. How are you brother fine. Can you tell me how root the qmobile a5. It is the old model one. I will be thankfull if you give full way. Thanks brother again ALLAH HAFIZ.

  21. Abdullah Rehan

    I have Noir A5
    it runs forever

  22. Abdullah Rehan

    please reply..!!!!

  23. Maaz Ahmed

    my bro its not continuing after saying that (deamon started successfully) plz help me

  24. Genius One


    i installed in my qmobile a10 4.2 jelly bean but i have a problem i cannot install any apps in my phone please help me

  25. Frhan

    how to update my qmobile a6???????/

  26. zohaib

    what is the benefit of custom recovery

  27. aiman

    wht is meant by extract files??

  28. Asad Ali

    salaam g
    plz help me plz plz plz send me clockworkmod for qmobile a65 plz send me soon as soon posible plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz?

  29. rajakamran

    My noir a10 didnt root by this or any method found on internet. It has
    updated firmware from Qmobile service center. Android 4.1.1 and Kernel
    3.4.0 bulid no. ALPS.JB.MP.V1. Plz guide me to root this one. Its an
    open challenge

  30. adeel

    Everyone who is having problems with rooting just download VROOT! the best and easiest way to root your Qmobile!
    I have a2 and just rooted it 🙂

  31. Asad Shah

    I got stuck i rooted my mobile but didnt make a backup of my A900 now i am stuck and didnt go back to my genuine software either plz help me if any one have A900 mobile plz upload its back up file and send me the link plz

  32. Farrukh Awan

    Aoa i try to install recovery image from mtk mobile uncle tools after rooting my a900 so now my phone not getting into recovery mood kindly some one help me. 03455985155

  33. AK

    my qmobile A500 shows an option after restarting my phone, the option is


    “Complete action using”

    Google Text-to Pico TTS

    Always Just Once

    Its not going further from that screen.. what should I do now??

  34. Avinash

    kindly tell me what to do 1st i want to instal an other rom like samsung galazy s4 etc. so 1st what to do recovery , root etc |? i dun know any thing help me

  35. First root your mobile then install custom recover after that you can go for roms

  36. ismaeel malik

    is this essential to back up the phone
    plz plz quick reply

  37. Rex Cranium

    Bro I done All These Steps But now my phone is not getting into recovery mode it just simple restarts

  38. Uzair

    How about a5 classic and can you please tell me how to update it to Jelly bean?

  39. Muhammad Arshad

    root your android first

  40. samina

    hello. i dont know that how my phone a10 came on safe mode plz tell me how can i take it out from safe mood ?

  41. AsAd MasOom LarKa

    After all when we intall recovery from mtk error (Root your Android first) 🙁

  42. HAMMAD

    we tried everything but unable to runme.bat file to run successfully even mobile is attached with computer.

  43. hannan

    Plz ap mjhe a500 root krny ka tareeka bata sakty hu dear

  44. Arbaaz Hussain

    What time it takes?

  45. Adeel Ahmed

    my qmobile a30 is not connected

    to pc,,when i do so charging will be started,,,plz tell me the reason

  46. root in on click any android phone contact for help my contact no 03369234034

  47. Shahrukh Naeem

    I have done all the procedure but and it properly says that “Your phone is rooted now” but my Noir A8 is not rooted… i have tried many many times. there is no supersu app appear in my mobile and i have tried by “root checker” but it says your device has not proper root permissions.. kindly tell me what to do.. previously i have rooted this mobile and installed jellybean 4.1, but as i installed 4.1, the rom installed and my mobile again went to unrooted state… but my mobile is so so so much slow now.. so i want to recover default 4.0 ICS again… Please tell me what to do…

  48. sadam shah

    i cant root my A600 mobile in continue running mode please help…

  49. wali

    my whatsapp is giving the error of adjusting the clock, what to do next? the clock is accurate but still its not connecting??

  50. Waleed Malazai

    same prob here.. Screen turns White nd my mob stuck on Q mobile logo.
    Using Qmobile Noir A900


    just Download the app in you android (root master) and root ur mobile it will gives u all the information of ur phone

  52. shahrukh

    Tell the trick

  53. AB Muneeb

    sir a30 ki recovery file kahan se mile gi …plz mere noir a30 ka recovery mode me nai jata

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    How to root my mobile q mobile noir i9
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  56. Mahanoor Sheikh

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  57. M.usman

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    My nmbr is 03086809736

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  61. anwaar

    I got stuck i rooted my mobile but didnt make a backup of my A500 now i am stuck and didnt go back to my genuine software either plz help me if any one have A500 mobile plz upload its back up file and send me the link plz 03360310699

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  63. Adnan

    very nice……..

  64. ateeb

    my qmobile a10 is not rooting with this method

  65. Waqar Ali

    Hi admin I’v Qmobile noir A20,can you please help me with it ??
    Also add me on facebook thanks you very much

  66. NANCY


  67. jahangir

    How to update my Q mobile A8 software

  68. anwaar


  69. anwaar

    download stock rom noir a500 and flash it.