Santa Phone Call – Download and install for free

Christmas is just right around the corner and all the kids are going crazy over what the Bearded-Man-in-Red will bring them this season. Why don’t you let your kids talk to Santa on the Santa Phone Call app for Android? It’s a fake customizable calling app that will lead your little ones to believe that Santa is calling them from his North Pole hideout. They can ask him for their presents or even tell him what is for dinner. Anything can be discussed as long as you know how to record a fake call with the Santa Phone Call app.

Santa Phone Call app is an amazing thing for little kids. You can record your own message and schedule the timings for the fake call. When the phone rings just let your little one answer the phone and speak to Santa as much as they want. You can record anything you want and even listen to it before giving it to your kids. You can edit the parts that you think might blow the cover. You can also use this fake call to get out of meetings or pranks your friends and family with the santa call. Your Android phone will ring with the default ringtone set for all normal calls so everybody believes it is a real call.

Use the Santa Phone Call to bring the joy of Christmas to little children or use it to make your friends miserable, it is all up to you whatever you choose to do with it.

Download and Install Santa Phone Call for Free

You can easily download the Santa Phone Call app for your Android phone from here.When you have installed this amazing app, you can start sharing the joys of the holiday season with young ones and spread a smile on their face.

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