Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 – Download and Install on Android

Android smartphones are essentially made for gaming. There are all sorts of great games that could be found on the Android store. Games for every genre are available in abundance. The side on fighting games are the one that are loved by all those action loving people out there. A good fighting game was missing from the Android world for some time and Shadow Fight 2 has ended that entire wait. It’s a great game that makes you experience all that action without many graphically diverse characters in a ninja kung-fu style. It lets you have all the thrill from those real Japanese ninja fights on your smartphone.

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  • The game was developed and published by NEKKI who have done a great task of keeping the game up to date with frequent updates.
  • The game needs some downloading of about 90MB before it’s installed and ready to play. You must have a device with Android 3.0 or above and able to support the graphics.
  • The game is free to download and play while you could purchase some costly upgrades with in the game with your real world cash.

Shadow Fight 2 Experience

  • The game is quite simple – not overly detailed and it’s easy to understand as soon as you launch it for the first time.
  • The game has a campaign oriented gameplay in which you have to fight of opponents one by one to slowly get to the top. The battles are against really diverse opponents who are as much capable as you. The battles are fought with an amazing background which gives a really realistic look.
  • The game is energy-oriented game, in which each battle that you fight takes a chunk off your energy and once it’s drained, it will take some time to restore and you will have to wait to get back to fighting.
  • The controls are pretty simple – punch button, kick button and a multidirectional scroll button. Combination of these three unleashes your deadly moves.
  • There are dozens of things that are available for unlock including swords, armors, and garments. Winning battles unlocks them one by one in a systematic manner.


The game has some really great animation and sound effects that you will love. Although your fighter is merely a shadow without any real face or description, it still gives a realistic effect and you will surely enjoy all that sword swinging.

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