Simple Sticky Note Widget – Download for free

Are you the kind of guy or girl who mostly forgets the important stuff? Like a few things you have to buy, an important meeting to attend, someone to call, etc? Well if that’s the case then you definitely need the awesome Simple Sticky Note Widget on your Android phone or tablet. This simple yet effective android app will always remind you of the important stuff that you have to do with easy to read notes that are stickered on your android’s screen. You will never again forget the amount of eggs because everything will be easily available on your android’s homescreen in the form of simple sticky notes.

The Simple Sticky Note Widget is a easy to use and a noob friendly android app. You don’t need any technical know how to use this app, if you can easily unlock your android phone than you will have no problem using this awesome app. All you have to do is write the thing that you want to remember throughout the whole day and stick it on your android’s screen. You will be able to see the sticky notes every time you unlock your phone. All the sticky notes will be on top of your screen so you never forget any single one of them. You can also easily get rid of the notes that you don’t need any more by tapping them and throwing them into the trash can on your android phone, just as you would delete any other widget. Simple Sticky Note Widget works with all types of android phones and tablets, it will always make sure that you remember each and every thing on your list.

Download and install Simple Sticky Note Widget on your Android phone

You can easily download the Simple Sticky Note Widget on your Android from here. Once downloaded and installed on your android, you will never forget any important thing ever again.