Six-Guns – Download and Install on Android

Every action lover around the world is surely in love with the old Wild West, which has been the center of action for many decades now. It has all that shooting, running, and shooting again. In Six-Guns, you will be sent to the world of sand where you will have to make your way through the hardest conditions that you will ever come across on any Android game till now. The graphics are amazing and lovely and all that seems so realistic that you feel yourself in there. All those bullets whizzing through the air give sounds that make you move in fear. It’s just amazing!

Six-Guns 1


  • The game was developed by Gameloft who have been making some awesome games in the past few years and this is definitely one of those games.
  • The game needs a bit of downloading before installation. To support the game, make sure that your device has some good specs and some GB’ of free space because it’s quite heavy.
  • The game is free to download and play. You also have the option for purchasing in-game upgrades that range from cheap to really hefty ones.

Six-Guns Experience

  • The game as usual follows the plain layout that Gameloft has for all of its games. It’s easy to navigate and move through. The game has really easy to use touch interface. All the controls are on screen and easily accessible with single taps. No confusing combinations required.
  • The map within the game is something unique and it pops up with single tap and makes navigation a whole lot easier. You even have a horse which is the backbone of everything that’s related to the Wild West. You are always a tap away from calling in your ride whenever you want.
  • The game has objective-oriented missions that you need to complete so that you may proceed further in the game. You have around 40 amazing levels that must be cleared to become the master on Wild West, which means the game will surely keep you busy for a lot of time.
  • You can purchase guns, ammo, health, clothes, and many amazing upgrades from the in-app store.
  • The game lacks a bit of touch because there are no cut scenes in it to make an elaborate story.


Six-Guns is an amazing action filled game that brings the wild west lifestyle to life. It has an amazing gameplay coupled with some amazing graphics that make you feel really involved in the game. So just download and kill some of those bad guys to see what it’s really like in the Wild West.

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