Sloth Launcher – Download on Android

If you are really lazy like a sloth and don’t really like browsing a lot to your android apps on your android smartphone then you will really love the all new and amazing Sloth Launcher for your android smartphone because it will make your life a lot more easier than before. You don’t have to be worried about browsing to your app drawer on your android smartphone and finding your apps to launch them because with the amazing Sloth Launcher installed on your android smartphone you can actually just swipe on your android phone’s screen to open any app that you want by setting it as one of the shortcut. You get quick access to your apps by performing certain actions on your android smartphone. If you connect your headphones then you can quickly navigate to your music apps automatically with the help of this amazing launcher. When you are near your workout location or your gym then you can navigate to your fitness apps automatically through this amazing launcher which is an amazing feature. Get quick access to your apps, shortcuts and quick-toggles just when you need them. Create multiple scenarios by using different trigger which will ensure that your apps are only available when needed. Get quick access to your music apps when you plug in your headset. Get quick access to your fitness apps and favorite music playlist when nearby your workout location. Get quick access to your navigation and fuel-saving apps when connected to your in-car Bluetooth.

Sloth Launcher is the perfect launcher for your android smartphone if you are really lazy and don’t even want to perform any extra taps on your android smartphone’s screen. This amazing launcher will help you get to your apps and services quickly without having to put in any extra efforts.

Download and install Sloth Launcher on your Android phone

Download the amazing Sloth Launcher app on your android phone from here and easily and quickly navigate to your favorite apps with a swipe of your finger.