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SQURE messenger – Download on Android

Are you always paranoid about someone spying on your text messages? Do you think that the government is secretly monitoring every sms message that you send to anyone from your android smartphone? Do you love watching movies that have dedicated spies preying on other people’s SMS messages with advanced gadgets? If this is what you feel on a daily basis when sending text messages to your friends and family then you shouldn’t worry anymore. First of all, there is no need to worry because as long as you are not sending anything suspicious the government doesn’t care about your texts. However, you might still feel a bit awkward sending some love texts to your significant other when you know that someone somewhere might be reading all your texts and laughing at you. Well in that case you can actually download the amazing SQURE Messenger app on your android smartphone and turn your regular SMS messages into some really encrypted messages that can’t be read by anyone else other than the person you send the message to. This is one of the most secure texting apps you can ever find for your android smartphone and you don’t even have to pay anything for this great and secure app. All your outgoing and incoming text messages are encrypted with your personal key that can only be decrypted by the person you intend to send the message to. So no one in between can read what you are sending to the receiver.

SQURE Messenger which actually means the secure messenger for your android smartphone is really a great way to communicate with your friends and family without worrying about anybody else reading your texts and messages in between.

Download and install SQURE Messenger on your Android phone

Download the amazing SQURE Messenger app on your android phone from here and send/receive the most safe and secure text messages to your loved ones.