Swordigo – Download and Install on Android

Do you love classic games, the ones that used to be played on those old consoles and in gaming arcades? Then here is a game for you. Swordigo is an ultimate classic style sword-fighting game for you. You will love the game and all the action that’s filled in it.

There is not only sword slashing, you will get a chance to use spells at your opponents and that’s utterly cool. You get to make your way through many hard levels and beat many different monsters on your way to the top. It looks a bit old, but that’s the reason it’s awesome too.

Swordigo 1


  • The game was developed and released on PlayStore by Touch Foo and they are improving the game ever since. Its free to download and play and offers many in-game purchases that are really awesome.
  • The current version on the game is 1.3.1. It requires minimum of Android 2.3 to run.
  • Its download size is approximately 48MB.

Swordigo Experience

  1. The game launches to a menu screen that’s pretty simple and easy to navigate so that you could start some beating.
  2. Once the game begins, you will notice that there are two arrow-type buttons on the bottom – they are for your player’s movement around the screen. On the other side to the arrow keys, there are jump, spell and sword keys. All the keys are well-placed and give console-like gameplay environment.
  3. While you move through the levels, you will come across really great monsters. These are just as if they are from some mythical world. Fighting them is even more fun and once defeated, you are all set to get a special treasure all for yourself.
  4. You will get amazing weapons as you progress. More powerful sword will unlock with more combos to be performed. There are four amazing spells that could be cast onto the enemy and they are sometimes more fun than sword slashing.
  5. While fighting, if you fail to win a battle and die, you will start over from the last checkpoint. You can even choose to start from another checkpoint so that you could buy some goods from the shop.


Swordigo is an ultimate sword-fighting game based on the classis games from 20 years ago, and this makes the game simple and easy to play. There is a lot of sword slashing to do in the game and you could get fully indulged into the game and lose what’s going on in the real world around you.

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