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Magisto Video Editor & Maker – Download and Install on Android

Making videos is one of the tasks that the smartphones of today are made to do. Making video is a hobby for some, while a compulsion for many. Everyone needs to make a video of some sort

Monster Legends – Download and Install on Android

For the past few decades, we have seen many games in which we are given our own mythical creatures that we have to breed and grow into stronger beasts so that they could be used by us

Expedia Hotels & Flights – Download and Install on Android

Whenever we need to book a flight, we surely check out the prices online. In the online world, there has been no better place than Expedia to check and book prices for flights and hotels at diverse

Don’t Touch The Spikes – Download and Install on Android

For nearly last year or so, there have been so many games about flying birds that you tap to survive so that it doesn’t crash into something and die. Well, people have grown tired of all those

Swordigo – Download and Install on Android

Do you love classic games, the ones that used to be played on those old consoles and in gaming arcades? Then here is a game for you. Swordigo is an ultimate classic style sword-fighting game for you.