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Swordigo – Download and Install on Android

Do you love classic games, the ones that used to be played on those old consoles and in gaming arcades? Then here is a game for you. Swordigo is an ultimate classic style sword-fighting game for you.

8 Ball Pool – Download and Install on Android

Pool games have been available on the app stores for all smartphones for a very long time. Playing a pool game on any phone or tablet is a great time pass and it saves you all the

Running Fred – Download and Install on Android

Running games have been played by everyone who has smartphones. The running games are the core of smartphone games. There is a wide variety of running games to choose from, but all of them are just the

Paper Toss – Download and Install on Android

Paper Toss is more of a real-time office experience when you’re bored to death in the office and where you will be able to hit the trash cans and empty baskets with crumpled paper balls or rolls.

Epic Skater – Download and Install on Android

For the past couple of years, the world has seen many skating, surfing, and running games all over the PlayStore. People have got tired of them because all of these have the same gameplay. You get a