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Disable 1+ Personalization on non-Google sites

Recently Google Launch +1 and now Google +1 button is Available to webmaster which help google in collecting data from user’s and then to use these +1’s information to personalize your content and ads on non-Google websites,

Google Plus Some keyboard Shortcuts

Dear friend like you all know there are many shortcutsavailable for gmail & othergoogle services, Today im going to share few Google+ (Plus) Shortcuts with you guys and i’ll post more shortcutssoon after i spend little more

How to Hide Friends Circle in Google Plus

Many of you are already joined Google+ and many are waiting for invitation to join it so today I’m going to tell you how to hide your friends circle from other’s to view, Google always give importance

Google Announces Google+ Whats Next?

Today Google go one step further and announces Google+ a social network, which aims to change the way we stay in touch with people online. The service emphasizes on how data is shared, and with whom, as well