Upgrade Sony Xperia S to Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Sony has Released Jellybean update for its other phones like Xperia T, V and TX but there are still no updates for Sony Xperia S and its still not confirmed when this update will be available for Sony Xperia S.

You can still Upgrade Sony Xperia S to Jellybean and Enjoy Newest Features offered by Android.

We are here Presenting Full Method of Installing Jelly Bean on your Sony Xperia S.

Jellybean Xperia S

This Method Involves 3 Major Steps. You Must Follow these step Precisely.

Phase 1: Unlock the Bootloader Of Your Sony Phone.

Phase 2: Install CWM [ClockWorkMode Recovery] on your Sony Device Using Recover X tool.

Phase 3: Install Cynogenmod 10 on your Sony Xperia S.

Disclaimer: This will Root your phone, Rooting may void Warranty.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and You data is saved with Back up, to learn more about Back up click here.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Your Sony Xperia Mobile

This method of unlocking Bootloader Applies to All mobile of Sony NXT series.

Follow these steps.

  • Download Fast Boot Package.
  • Now Switch Off your phone and reboot in fastboot mode, to do this hold volume up button and while holding the button connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Windows will start installing Drivers for your phone, during installation when it will ask for drivers , browse to the location where you have downloaded files in Step 1 and there select folder with name “usb_driver” let the window complete installation process.

After that Disconnect your phone and power it on Normally.

  • Now Go to the Sony’s Official Bootloader Unlocking site, to go Click Here.
  • At the Bottom of the page click “Start Unlocking the Bootloader”
  • After Accepting Terms and Conditions you will get “create unlock request” Fill in the details Required. Here it will also ask for IMEI code , to find IMEI code on your Mobile dail “*#06#” and you will get on your screen.
  • After that you will get a unique Key, save this Key because you will require it later.
  • After getting the key open Command prompt in windows and set its location to“Fastboot” Folder That you have downloaded in Step 1 of the Tutorial.
  • Now Connect your Device to PC via USB CABLE by enabling Flashmode on it, to do this, turn off your phone and wait 20 secs , now hold volume up button and while holding the button connect your phone to PC via USB CABLE.
  • In Command Prompt type the following Command ” fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version ” Be careful with the command.

The value returned after typing the command should be 0.5, if not try to reconnect your device again.

If Value will be 0.5 its good, Proceed to type next command that is “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY”

(Instead of the word “KEY” type the key you got from Sony’s official unlock bootloader website)

After Successfully entering the Value your mobile’s Bootloader will be Unlocked.

Phase 1 Of installing Jellybean on your Xperia S has finished and you have successfully unlocked the Bootloader.

Now in Phase 2 You have to install CWM [ClockWorkMode Recovery] in your Sony Xperia S

Its Really simple to install CWM [ClockWorkMode Recovery] in your Xperia S.

  • Download RecoverX and install it in your PC. Launch it after installation.
  • Now connect your phone to PC Choose options showed in Screenshots to install  CWM[ClockWorkMode Recovery] in your Sony Xperia S.





  • After that CWM [ClockWorkMode Recovery] will be installed in your Sony Xperia S.

Phase 2 has been finished and you have successfully installed  CWM [ClockWorkMode Recovery] in your phone.

Last phase 3 is simply to install Cynogenmod 10 on your Xperia S

  • Download CM10 for Xperia S.
  • After downloading , connect your mobile to PC and put the downloaded file ininternal memory of your phone. Remember its not the phone memory , For xperia S the size of internal memory available to users are 25 GB.
  • Now disconnect your phone and turn it off, and restart it in recovery mode, to do this Press power button when your phone is off, just after SONY logo press volume up button.Your phone will reboot in recovery mode.
  • In recovery mode choose “Back up and restore” option and from next screen choose backup, this will make backup of your phone’s current android version( to restore it later doing same process in case anything goes wrong)
  • After finishing back up process now select“install zip from Sdcard” navigate to theROM which you saved and press “yes” to continue.
  • After installation of ROM your phone will restart in recovery mode again by itself. Select “reboot system now” from recovery mode.

After Your phone Restart Just Turn it off again.

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Files. Extract them to convenient location in your PC.
  • Open CM10 ROM package which You have download in step 1 of phase 3 of this tutorial and extract “boot.img” file from this. And move this “boot.img” file to the location where you have extracted ADB and Fastboot Files.
  • Now Connect your phone to PC via USB CABLE in fastboot mode, to do so, holdvolume up button(phone is switched off remember) and while holding the button connect your phone to PC via USB CABLE.
  • Now open ADB and Fastboot Files folder there you  will see file“commandprompt.img” , double click to Run it, command prompt will open , type the following command carefully

fastboot flash boot boot.img

After that Type the following command

fastboot reboot

Your Phone will restart with Jellybean on it.EnjoyXperia-S-Android-4.1.2-Jelly-Bean