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Whatsapp – a messaging service- is amongst the most famous apps available at Google Play Store & other app stores. It is used by millions of people for their routine chat with their friends and family. However its users, from the long time, face privacy issues. Basically whatsapp, unlike other messengers as iMessage etc, transmit messages in plain text. It means that anyone on the same Wi-Fi connection can sneak into Whatsapp messages and can catch all Whatsapp chat, pictures and videos. Previously it was done by someone who knows how to sniff but now, anyone can do it with an app called Whatsapp sniffer”. Download Whatsapp sniffer apk from the link given below and eavesdrop other people conversation on the same network.

Whatsapp Sniffer is a free app that makes you able to read Whatsapp messages of a same Wi-Fi network. It catches conversations, pictures, audio/videos that are transmitted by Android phones, iPhones or Nokia on the same Wi-Fi connection. (Note that it can’t peep into BlackBerry’s messages, as they use their own servers instead of Whatsapp’s.)

To use Whatsapp Sniffer, all you need is just a rooted Android device. Then download Whatsappsniffer apk on your devices, install it and read other people whatsapp conversation of the same WI-Fi connection. Before downloading Whatsapp Snifferapk from the below given link, let’s briefly review its features:whatsapp sniffer apk

Whatsapp Sniffer features:

  • Whatsapp Sniffer is a tool for rooted terminals
  • It is capable of reading whatsapp conversation on the same Wi-Fi network
  • With Whatsapp Sniffer, you can catch conversations, photos, videos, see sent & received messages, Change profile status, Change profile picture, can chat with the victum and much more
  • The program uses a grabber WhatsApp Sniffer or sniffer called tcpdump packages that handles see capture all network packets and filters WIFI source and destination servers WhatsApp .

Download Whatsapp Sniffer Apk:

Click here to download whatsapp Sniffer apk.

Note: Please try to use this app just for fun purpose with friends & family and avoid sneaking into unknown people’s conversation. We all should respect each other privacy.

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