Wink app – Download and Install for free

Everything is going digital or smart nowadays including the regular electronics that you normally use in your home. All your thermostats, electronic blinds, cameras, etc are smart now and can be controlled with a remote device. Now there’s a whole new way of controlling all your smart devices with just your Android phone. The all new Wink app will let you control every smart device around you with your Android smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to keep track of individual remote controls for all devices because with the Wink app you can control any connected device with just a few taps on your Android’s screen.

Wink lets you connect all your smart devices in your home with your smartphone through the app’s interface and control them through the Wink app. You can connect and control your home’s lights, thermostats, smoke alarms, sprinkling systems, doors, cameras, etc. Wink is compatible with almost all of the top brands in the home electronics industry which include but not limited to Philips, Leviton, Honeywell, Dropcam, etc. All these popular brands’ products work smoothly with the Wink app. All you have to do is connect the individual device with the app once and you are good to go.

Products that are not compatible with the Wink app out of the box can be connected to the app via the Wink HUB. This HUB converts all different products into the Wink-friendly devices that can be easily controlled via your Android phone. Most devices will work out of the box with this cool app but for all other devices you will have to get the Wink HUB to make them speak the same language as the Wink app.

Download and Install Wink app for free

You can easily download the Wink app from here. Once downloaded on your Android device you can connect all your smart devices with this app and start controlling all of them with gestures on your Android’s screen.