Xbox One SmartGlass – Download on Android

Did you buy a shiny new Xbox One recently? Are you loving the next generation of console gaming? Do you also own an android smartphone? If yes, then you can use your android smartphone to control your shiny new Xbox One without any problems. Yes, you read that right, it’s entirely possible to use your android phone in order to control your Xbox One console with it. All you need is to download the cool and amazing Xbox One SmartGlass app on your android phone and connect it with your Xbox One console without any worries. With this amazing app installed on your android device you don’t have to keep the controller all the time you want to use your Xbox One console. You can just use your android smartphone controlling it and doing a lot of stuff other than gaming. For gaming on your console you will need the controller because your android phone can’t be used as a gaming controller for your console, however, if you’re looking for a remote control to use the TV app on your console, or any other app then you can use your android device to do all that stuff without any trouble at all. You can even control apps like Internet Explorer on your console with your android. You can type via your android phone and swipe on your android’s screen to control the movement on your console. You can also send messages to your friends on Xbox Live via this awesome android app for your cool new console.

Xbox One SmartGlass app lets you take control of your console from anywhere with internet access. You can watch your friends playing via this app and it can also double as a second screen for a few compatible games.

Download and install Xbox One SmartGlass on your Android phone

You can download the Xbox One SmartGlass app on your android smartphone from hereand control your Xbox One console with your android device.